Canoe Trekking Trips

From 1 day to 5 days, we offer canoe trekking around the local area.  Accompanied by our local, knowledgeable guides, you will meet the local communities and enjoy home stays and camping.

A real chance to immerce yourself in the real Uganda and get to know the locals.

A way of giving back to the community who will benefit from your trip.

Full Day Canoe Trip

Our Canoe trekking guide will meet you in Kabale town/ any of your booked accommodation around Lake Bunyonyi. He will give the highlights of the up coming trip. Firstly, you will paddle across the lake to Kyabahinga peninsula for a short hike where you will pass through communities.  We will enjoy a short rest at the Bar to try a glass of local porridge whilst listening to African cultural stories told to us by the elders the area. Following this  we go to Kyabahinga Primary School where orphan pupils are supported by the part of the money raised from the Safari. The children will present their traditional songs and dances to the Visitors and you will be encouraged to join in. After that we will go for a short hike up to the peak for spectacular Views of the Lake and it's islands.  We will enjoy a buffet lunch with a local family.  Family members will also join us for local food. Annah the the Mother is not just a good Cook but she will also teach us how to make crafts.  After that everybody will be given an opportunity to make a hand craft by themselves. From there we say goodbye to the family members and go down to our canoe.  Our guide will paddle us to Punishment island.  This is where our culture used to abandon unmarried pregnant girls to die of hunger or get drowned in the lake while trying to swim.  From there it will a continuation peddle to the Sanctuary which one of the biggest island for game viewing. Here we expect to see wildlife like Zebras, Antelopes, Monkeys and for those who like birding this is your bonus, the trip will be ending with us heading to your booked accommodation.

2 Day Canoe Trekking

Our Canoe trekking guide & Captain will meet you in Kabale town or  your booked accommodation. He will give you highlights of the up coming trip. They will then take you on the canoe and paddle across the lake to Kyabahinga Peninsular for a short hike.  You will pass through local communities and have a stopover at the Bar to try a cup of local porridge. Whilst here, we will listen to African stories related to culture by the elders of the area. Following this we will go for a short hike up to the peak for the spectacular views of the lake and its islands. We will then head down to the local family for a buffet , where family members will also join us. Anna, the mother is not just a good cook, but she will also teach us how to make crafts. Every body will be given an opportunity to make some crafts by themselves. Following this we paddle over to punishment island (akampene) where our culture used to leave unmarried pregnant girls to die of hunger or get drowned in the lake while trying to swim. From there it will be a continuation peddle to Greater Kigezi Academy ( Titus's Orphanage School), He has got a big heart for the less fortunate children therefore as our commitment is make sure the dollar reaches the one who needs it most, we do support Titus and his Orphanage with some part of the profit from our tours to feed Kids. The Kids would like to entertain you with our traditional dances and songs, and you can also participate. Thereafter we'll get back to our canoe and peddle to Kyevu, where we'll be welcomed by Mama Betty to her family, here we pinch our Tents in her compound. Family members will have prepared Camp fire for us to warm our selves and we shall have dinner with the same family as you share experience while enjoying dinner on Camp fire.

Day 2 -  Breakfast will be at 08:00am with the family members, thereafter we'll head to the Canoe and cross to Kyevu market and Batwa (pygmies) Visit, which is at the boarder of Uganda and Rwanda where we will immerse ourselves within the pygmies community. Here we also share some of our profit with these needy people. The pygmies will also need to entertain us with there traditional dances and songs, they will let us know how they used to live in the forest before it was made to be a national and there current life. You can learn how to use the Bows and Allows which they were using to hunt wild animals before their eviction from the forest. Thereafter we'll have a hike up to the top of Karembe hill for Volcanoes Views  and enjoy our picnic lunch. Here we always meet with shepherds who will share our lunch. When done, we will head down to the lake to meet our canoe Captain and paddle to the Luxury resort for dinner (Bird's Nest Resort) after this the trip will be ending with us heading back to our booked accommodation.

5 Day Canoe Trekking

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