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Day Trips and Tours

Whilst you are staying in the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi area we can help you to arrange activities and tours.  Our guides know the surrounding areas very well and can take you to experience the real Uganda.


Boat Cruise

Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi.  Learn about all the different islands and about the local community.

2 - 3 hours

$30 pp

Nature walks

Let us take you on a hike around the areas and villages surrounding Lake Bunyonyi.  Meet the locals and enjoy far reaching views across one of the most beautiful areas of Uganda.  You will see many different birds and learn about them.

3 - 4 hours

Pygmy Visit

Take a trip to the local pygmy community and see what life really used to be like.  Learn about their methods of hunting, cooking and listen to some entertainment especially displayed for you.

2 - 3 hours


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